A central city Composting Hub

Green Lane is composting waste from four local cafés, two coffee companies and a tree care company. Our partnership with The Brothers Green means we're able to process compostable packaging and turn it into soil!

We set out on this mission because we realised that although the concept behind compostable packaging is great, there's currently nowhere it can be composted to close the circle. It might surprise you that your compostable packaging can't go in your Green Bin, and in the current system there is nowhere it can be processed. If compostable packaging goes in the Red Bin it's heading straight to the landfill.

We appreciate the extra effort our contributors put in to ensure clean waste inputs for composting.

A big thanks must go to; 

Ra at Four Seasons Tree Care

Shane at Switch Espresso,

Nick at AllPress,

Emma & Charlotte at Moment Café,

Bushra, Mitch, Rach and Ryo at Grain Café, Hamish,

Renee & Andy at Black Betty Café

Will & Hamish at Max Dose Café.

Thanks to the expert advice and support from local composting legend Bailey Perryman and the care which local businesses have shown for their waste, we have been able to create a low labour system which works well enough to compost PLA plastics and compostable packaging which requires commercial composting to break down.

See it for yourself at one of our markets or workshops.

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Compostable Packaging

Compostable packaging we're able to turn back into soil!


Ra from Four Seasons Tree Care.

Grain Café

Bushra, Mitch, Rachel and Ryo from Grain.

Shane from Switch

Shane from Switch espresso dropping off the goods.

Moment Café

Emma, Charlottle and Paniq from Moment.


Bailey guiding us at one of our compost workshops.

IMG_8252 2

Ben M managing the moisture levels in the compost.


Food waste, coffee grinds and compostable packaging goes in..


Contributors from our community that help us get this compost HOT!


Clean inputs keep us happy and make closing. the circle on waste a breeze.

So why don't you drop in some time? We're on every Saturday, 10am ~ 2pm