Green Lane Pop-Up Market

Green Lane is a growing community of small businesses working together to be ‘better’ together. We’re currently holding monthly pop up markets. The next market will be Friday Evening on the 19th of March & Saturday the 20th of March - 22 Southwark Street in the city.

Our Core Values are:

Honesty -  We are completely transparent about the source, materials and production of items we bring to market.

Locally - We source local materials and services where possible.

Sustainability - We aim to reduce or eliminate plastic from products and packaging, we re-use plastic when we can, and we are composting all our green waste on site.

Ethically - We treat everyone with dignity and respect, we consider the humans and animals involved in resting our market items.

Better - by ‘Better’ we mean that we are willing to try and improve as consumers and business owners by sourcing more local, sustainable materials and seeking ethical treatment of all humans and animals involved in the transactions of our personal and business activities.

Green Lane’s community of vendors work together with these core values to help everyone be ‘Better’ together, YOU can be part of this community!

Our aim is to be the most accessible market in the city for small businesses, emerging artists and crafty people. We offer a Koha donation for the first three markets before we agree on a stall fee. We also offer our vendors a casual option where you can come to the market as often or as little as you like (with enough notice so we can find a place for you).

So what are you bringing down to Green Lane?

Want to hear more? Drop in some time!

We're located at 22 Southwark Street and always happy to have a chat.