A central city Composting Hub

In 2020 Green Lane is composted waste from four local cafés, two coffee companies and a tree care company. With a focus on processing compostable packaging, we successfully ran a 12 month trial of a small scale community composting hub.

We set out on this mission because we realised that although the concept behind compostable packaging is great, there's currently nowhere it can be composted to close the circle. It might surprise you that your compostable packaging can't go in your Green Bin, and in the current system there is nowhere it can be processed. If compostable packaging goes in the Red Bin it's heading straight to the landfill.

A big thanks must go to; 

Ra at Four Seasons Tree Care

Shane at Switch Espresso,

Nick at AllPress,

Emma & Charlotte at Moment Café,

Bushra, Mitch, Rach and Ryo at Grain Café,

Hamish, Renee & Andy at Black Betty Café

Will & Hamish at Max Dose Café.

Thanks to the expert advice and support from local composting legend Bailey Perryman and the care which local businesses have shown for their waste, we have been able to create a low labour system which works well enough to compost PLA plastics and compostable packaging which requires commercial composting to break down.

This model is something we’d love to continue later down the line when the timing and resources line up!

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Here's How we Turn 

Packaging into Dirt

At Green Lane we're accepting both 'home' and 'commercially compostable' packaging from the public and turning it into a nutrient dense resource which we distribute back into the community.

Thanks to The Brother's Green & Guido Creative who helped us put together this awesome video.

Love your work guys!

The Benefits of Small Scale

What can you drop off?


Collecting in a 500m radius allows us to maintain positive relationships with our composting partners. Meaning high quality inputs therefore a cleaner compost.

The operation itself becomes easier to manage, it's all about setting up the compost properly and then monitoring the bricks as the microbes get to work.

We're reducing our impact on the planet by not using and heavy machinery to process the waste.


Our goal is to close the circle on home compostable and commercially compostable packaging, while generating a nutrient rich compost that regenerates soil.

The community collection points are for dry compostable packaging. These will be either labeled 'home compostable', 'commercially compostable', or have 'PLA' marked on them.


Our first brick that's held its shape after the walls come down.


An honest moment. When we open the bricks up, we're able to check and see how we can improve the next one!


The result of our first brick. 10 weeks after being finished and not a single coffee cup in sight!


Bailey guiding us at one of our compost workshops.


The future of the Red Bin?

G Waltz

Compost doesn't have to be a hard or smelly job.


Shredding the waste makes the job easier for the microbes.

Compostable Packaging

Compostable packaging we're able to turn back into soil!


Ra from Four Seasons Tree Care.

Grain Café

Bushra, Mitch, Rachel and Ryo from Grain.

Shane from Switch

Shane from Switch espresso dropping off the goods.

Moment Café

Emma, Charlottle and Paniq from Moment.

IMG_8252 2

Ben M managing the moisture levels in the compost.


Food waste, coffee grinds and compostable packaging goes in..


Contributors from our community that help us get this compost HOT!


Clean inputs keep us happy and make closing. the circle on waste a breeze.