Your next destination in Christchurch

Green Lane is about to change before your eyes. Opening in March.


22 Southwark street will evolve into a multi-faceted space accessible to all:


A functional working space for makers and artists.

An education space primarily through workshops.

A retail space run by the friendly people of Green Lane.

A gallery space where you can experience local and emerging artists work.

A destination space you can visit to relax and tune in to local happenings.

A breath of fresh air in the heart of the city. 


Our aim is to provide Christchurch with an opportunity to join the conversation surrounding sustainable business practices with ease. The space to engage with the arts, culture and education.

Become part of a community that are working hard today to see that we live in a better world tomorrow.



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We're located at 22 Southwark Street and always happy to have a chat.