We Need Your Support

Green Lane is in a unique position. We've realised just how well our mission aligns with the statement "Think global, act local."

We're striving to create a simple, low labour method that can be utilised by many communities, all over the country, to harness the resources we've been brought up to view as 'waste'. By working in harmony with businesses in the area, and microbes in the soil, we can create a circular system where we all feel the positive effects of our actions.

Located in the heart of Christchurch at 22 Southwark Street, we are in unique position where we aim to establish a human library. A collective and cooperative space, where all people have a place and something to share, unified by core values:


'Living and Working Locally, Sustainably, Ethically, Honestly and Better'

We have seen what this looks like, during our weekly markets in 2020. When people come together we can do anything! Now we need your support to establish Green Lane as the institution for sustainable innovation it has so organically been preparing to evolve into.

Together, we can help the world move forward, and it's all happening in your backyard.