So What Should You Expect?

Anything and everything really...


Each week we work hard to deliver an experience unlike the last. This comes together through a range of casual and semi-permanent vendors, along with those who are just giving the market life a whirl. Including but not limited to indoor plants, vintage clothes, handmade crafts, up-cycled fabric products, jewellery, hemp products and food.

We are stoked to boast the grocer with the biggest heart in the city! Jax has got the best staples along with local, organic produce and stocks her shelves with goods produced by local small businesses who work hard to do things better!

We also offer a 'Community Open Kitchen' where we invite you to try out cooking for the public in a market environment. If this sounds like you then just send us an email expressing your interest and we'd love to show you the ropes.

So why don't you drop in some time?

We're located at 22 Southwark Street and always happy to have a chat.